The reliability of shelters has been proven by field tests!


Shelter for civil protection and military medical purposes


(МБУ 1КЗ and МБУ 2КЗ)

The structure of the shelter has a streamlined shape, which is the most effective for reducing the impact of the blast wave and the load from munitions fragments and parts of building structures. Shelters can be placed above ground, semi-buried and completely buried in the ground. The basic modular block is 4.5m*6m in size and can accommodate up to 50 people for a comfortable stay. The maximum number of people that can be in one shelter module is 60 people.


Long-term or temporary reliable shelter of the civilian population from bullets, shrapnel damage, parts of destroyed building structures and blast waves during shelling of public places

Preservation of lives and protection of critical infrastructure facilities

Partial or full autonomous shelter life support system

Speed and ease of construction and dismantling of mobile shelters

Application of the protection object near private houses or high-rise buildings

The possibility of installing a shelter, both on the surface of the ground and completely or partially buried in the ground


The idea of developing and creating mobile shelters originated at the front among the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Most of the wounds in battle, in urban conditions, are bullet and shrapnel injuries from ammunition and debris from destroyed buildings.

By the method of tests and many consultations with specialists, the optimal forms, composition of materials and filling of shelters, which will save the lives of our fellow citizens and the civilian population, were found.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Reinforced Concrete Structures and Transport Facilities of the Odesa State Academy of Construction and Architecture – Yevgeny Klymenko and his team joined the development of the project.

Subsequently, a working project of mobile multi-purpose shelters was developed, a legal entity was registered and a patent application was filed for copyright protection.



Capacity up to 60 people
High stability and reliability
Quick assembly and disassembly
Autonomous life support
Form and aesthetic appearance


2 classes of protective mobile multi-purpose shelters with different equipment have been developed

Our commercial products:

Individual mobile shelters\bunkers for private houses and private enterprises

Safe Room (SafeRoom, PanicRoom) in your home

Our social products

Mobile shelters/bunkers for territorial communities of critical infrastructure and state procurement, with a capacity of 50 people

Safe Room (SafeRoom, PanicRoom) for educational institutions

To order a calculation of the cost of mobile multi-purpose shelters with equipment according to the customer’s requirements, contact the phone number 0969366421 or leave a request on the website

Mobile evacuation and resuscitation modular complex


Construction of the building is underway from prefabricated reinforced concrete elements with addition metel fiber and metal offset grids. One of basic tasks of engineering provision is fortification equipment of positions and districts.

mobile resuscitation module and field evacuation module

(МRМ and FЕМ)

МRМ and FЕМ can be used as separate fortifications on the front for rapid provision of medical HELP wounded, and in the complex, which is significant increases the protection of mobile evacuation teams (personnel, doctors and equipment) and effectiveness of medical care to our wounded defenders.

Complete set and equipment

We offer the following complete sets for MRM and FEM

A mobile long-term defense point

A mobile long-term defense point

(Long-term defensive point, command and observation point,
checkpoint, reference point)

The construction of the building is made of prefabs
reinforced concrete elements with the addition of metal
fibers and metal grids with displacement. One of
the main tasks of engineering support are
fortification equipment of positions and districts.

Ability to use and install mobile
protective structure on the surface of the earth, deepening it in
soil and placed underground, gives great advantages
in front of the existing fortifications.


The use of these facilities is directly on the line collision, on the first and second front lines, along the state border of Ukraine is possible thanks to the special composition of the concrete mixture, the shape of the building and reliable fastening of embedded parts to each other.

Additional use of waterproofing, local soil, geotextile and plant layer, will allow to do building suitable for more comfortable long-term stay in it military personnel, improve protective properties military object and camouflage positions.

Complete set and equipment


The building can be equipped with everything necessary equipment and equipment for a specific task military unit and to be used as residential module for personnel, mobile warehouse premises of material values and BC and others.

Basic configuration: worktop shooting, metal hatch, loophole, double entry/exit, generator in a noise-free housing, bed, lighting, two metal armored door.

Order a cost estimate

To order a calculation of the cost of mobile multi-purpose shelters with equipment according to the customer’s requirements, contact the phone number 0969366421 or leave a request on the website

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